Button Parties Fun and Inexpensive

For the last year we have been doing Button Parties for our Grandkids.  With 16 Grandkids, we have done quite a few.  Our  Grandkids and their Cousins and Friends have had a lot of fun doing this.  Jane and I are constantly being asked why don't you do Birthday Parties and other parties?  We have decided to do this.

Who:  Button Parties can be scheduled for a minimum of 6 people.

What:  We come to your party for an hour or more and bring our Experience, Button Machines, Button Supplies, Art Supplies and Stickers.  We bring everything you need to create a Button.

When:  Please schedule your Button Party two weeks in advance.  Both Jane and I work during the week and it must me during non working hours.

To schedule email steveohrguy@Comcast.net or call Jane at 503-881-7118.