DIY Buttons Our First year

Posted by Steve O'Harra on

We have had our Button Machines for a year and what an exciting year it has been. As you all know coming up with a name was very difficult.  Once we came up with our awesome name Steve’s Buttons we never looked back.  I really wanted to promote the design your own (DYI) part.  My Grandkids loved doing it and I knew it would be popular.  My first event doing this was at the Collectors show last fall in Salem.  We had a least 5 people make their own buttons.  Two were made by my friends Teal and Harris Reibach.  I think I made $5.00.  Not knowing any better I continued doing this at each event that Steve’s Buttons was at.  More and more people started designing and making their own buttons.  At our last event,  at the Halloween party at The Confederated Tribes of Grande Ronde we made 389 buttons.  The awesome part was seeing how happy the kids and parents were and how much fun they had.  We love doing this and in 2018 we will continue doing Events , Birthday parties and Holiday parties.

In the future I will be writing about the Adventure’s of Steve’s Buttons.

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