Make your own Pinback Buttons Still only $1.00

Posted by Steve O'Harra on

We have bringing our Make your own button table to events in the Salem, Monmouth and Grand Ronde Communities for the past 6 years.  We have become a tradition.  When we sell buttons at an event we bring our button making table.  We bring stickers and pens and everyone has fun making them.  We only charge a $1.00 per button.  We have been asked why do you only charge a $1.00  We have been told others charge more.  The answer is simple.  The Steve's Buttons business goal was.  1.  Have fun.  2.  Make sure our customers have a good experience.  3.  Provide a Quality Product and Service at a reasonable price.   4. Give back to people and the Community.  5.  To make a small profit to pay the expenses.  We can achieve all of the 5 goals by only charging a $1.00.  Money is tight, family's  are on budgets and I don't want to have the price so high that a kid can't afford to make a button.

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